Silence Is The Only Sound (2017)

Release Date: August 25, 2017
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  1. Believer
  2. Chasing Rivers
  3. Spellbound
  4. Gone
  5. The Harbour
  6. As Evening Falls
  7. Saviour
  8. Music You Should Hear
  9. The Parting (Shine A Light)
  10. Silence Is The Only Sound
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Open your eyes it’s time to begin
Open your eyes and take it all in
I lit the re and cast away stones
I heard the thieves’ muttering moans

Only the lonely will fall from grace
No more an only child to embrace

I never told you before, but I’m a believer
For you I carry the cross and a crown of thorns
I never asked for more – you’re the only one
For you I’d die by the sword, die by your hand

Tonight I will dance close to the flame
Tonight there’s no sinners, there is no blame

You have me down on my knees

Wake me up when the sun sets in the ocean
Wake me up when I’m tearful as hell
Wake me up when I am not all broken
Wake me up when you think you can tell

I see you walk towards the door
I see you put your new boots on – then you’re gone

In the frozen hills we will ride through the night
Seeing nothing but white
When the morning arrives
we will still be spending our lives going into the wild – chasing rivers

Wake me up when it’s all over
Wake me up when I am coming to a standstill Wake me up when I am bolder
Wake me up when I am bursting with goodwill

Take my hand, come with me
Let me take you away to a special place where we can stay
By the raging sea I came
I was washed ashore where I had not been before

Look me in the eyes
Do you see what you came for?
Would you like to see more?

Hey now we´re leaving ground – I am spellbound
Once I was lost now I´m found – I am spellbound

I followed the song of the wind
Tunes floating away, voices humming through the bay
In the woods I heard the tunes
Now, I will share them with you, let them guide your way through

When you see lanterns leading way
Bridging out over sea and land
Do you see what you came for?
Would you like to see more?

Let it be sung and let it be said
I live in the dark and drink with the dead
I lie to my son I lie to my man
I live off scraps and sleep in a van

Never will I let you down
the reasons why I hide will stay unknown
until I’m gone
You will find a better way
let tales be told, find voices to sing
when I am gone

Fill in the void, let sinners escape
I’m ready for wine, to take on a new shape
Finally I found my promised land
It’s all in my blood where the toxic is canned

I haven’t seen daylight in a long time
I wait for an angel to look my way
I haven’t seen daylight in a long time
I see no lanterns in the sky

In a boat by the harbour came the man, he tracked me down
He said, give me a good reason to say no
I could think of a million different reasons, but anyhow
I decided to let him stay for now

I knew the stories of where he´d been
and the patterns I should have seen

Oh, if I may I´d do it all again
Down by the harbour hearts trade
Oh, if you ask I’ll do it all again
Down by the harbour dreams fade, dreams fade away

Finding ways out of this maze became harder than I thought
In an alley in the dark I let it slip
If there only could be someone, just a single, friendly voice
I would never ask for more than just a sip

With my head held high and morals low
I quietly join the show

I was holding on to my Father’s hand
He was made for something special and grand
He would bend his knees to kiss my forehead
and tell me to recall what he said

Please, look after Mother you are her only one
You’ll be all she´s got now that I am gone

As the evening falls I can see the lights
Coming from afar
Soon winter calls
I will see you again
As evening falls

I remember the day the call came
Trying not to hear when they spoke my name
Days passed I knew what I had to say
Still I hoped to see him standing in the doorway

What if everything was a game to you
What if everybody else always knew
I would never be the first to know
Though, I had a doubt and I felt it grow

Oh, when the river’s running wild
I’ve always known, since I was a child

If time was my friend I’d find you again – saviour, saviour
I never escaped, a captive to the end – saviour, saviour

What if everything was a game to me
What if all I said was a means to be free
You would never be the first to know
I would never tell, simply let go

saviour, saviour saviour, saviour

You say your mind is made up
You’ll be leaving us today
I see your eyes are filled with sorrow and pain
but, you will not change your mind

There is music you should hear
It’s the sound of your heartbeat
Your were my light, my destiny
Now, I’m begging at your feet

Thunder roaring in my head
Nothing will ever be the same
There will be dark clouds in the clearest sky
Will I ever understand

My love, my love, my love

If you want to run I’ll tell you where to go
I’ll tell you where to hide
If you want to stay I won’t be in your way
this time I have learned

I won’t let you down

I’ll shine a light, I’ll shine a light,
I’ll shine a light, I’ll shine a light,
For you tonight
I’ll shine a light, I’ll shine a light,
I’ll shine a light, I’ll shine a light,
When yours fades out
When we part ways

If you want to hide, your cover will be safe
I will wipe your tracks out
If you come home – you’ll always have a home
You’ll be in my heart

Some of the turns you make are sure to lead you astray
Some of the promises you break you will regret one day

First time you saw me, you´d never have guessed
I was homeless
I would try to make you think better of me

You would always know I was hiding the truth
Waiting for me to confess
Aching for it, never pulling out

Until I cried like a baby
It made you turn around knowing that you had won

My heart sunk like a stone
Swallowed right there, pulled under water
Without strength it shivers alone
Finding a hole in the ground
Where silence is the only sound

I was never scared of running, I ran so fast
faster even than the boys
Still you kept on pushing