Time To Tell (2013)

Release Date: January 1, 2013
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You might think you know her ways
But, she has moments

Moments when it’s hard to say
What is right
Sometimes wrong feels right

There is another story
A tale she never told
A secret waiting for the darkest hours
There is another kind of loneliness
Inside her heart it rests well
Now it’s time to tell

Going down to the river again
In the darkness I found a friend
I never knew I had
The water felt cold and stale
reminiscent of a long gone tale
I forgot who I was

Right now it is so hard to let go
Blinding lights won’t show the way out of here

I hide underneath bridges, hide in the shadows
Finding a rescue so brief
I hide underneath bridges, hide in the darkness
Fearing the light like a thief

Late night I hear the wind blows
Calling out about the life I chose
waiting for a relief
Still looking for that special place
where I could ease the pain with grace and recall who I was

I fear I will never let go
The blinding lights won’t show the way out here

I know I’ll always hear the wind blow
Maybe one day it will show the way out of here

You were the dancer in the dark
Found ways to seize a spark
even when the world came tumbling down
You left this place would not return
In a while I got to learn
they had come to take you away

Standing still in the faint sunset light
I still see your shape

You have to hold on

When all you see is gloomy days
you tend to hide your face
You will always be the same to me

I won’t let them take you away this time,
Don’t let go

Tonight there’s a storm coming
This time it hits you so hard
All you can do is long for tomorrow
and your dreams will be made of dreams

There was this one great song
I sang it low and slow
That day when the world came down
I tried to fight back
Quiet, but still strong
It was the darkest of days

Give me my freedom,
You owe it to me
Give me my lifeblood

I paint the rainbow grey, my eyes see colours no more
I dance only in my dreams, my feet move no more
My hands only come alive when I cry, and I am all cried out

I will not forget
Nor will I regret
I did what I had to do

I give you this promise,
I will go on
I will find new life

Hey my dear, can you hear
the rhythm in the air
The chariot is ready, now take me anywhere
Riding out, feel the chill, my head against your back
There’s not a single soul out there following our track

You gave so much away
now I long to hear you say:

Rainy days ahead – I’m no longer scared
Can you feel, can you hear my heart beating when you’re near
The hurting fades away, give us one more day
Can you feel, can you hear my heart beating when you’re near

Close your eyes,
make believe, you’re not alone tonight
I will be a shadow on your side
a quiet light

Why so lonely
Here you may rest
Lay your head down at my chest

Darkened days brighten
No more to frighten
Will you be mine
Until the end of time

Why so lonely
I’ll give you shelter
Comfort you, carry you
through our lives

Darkened days brighten
No more to frighten
Will you be mine
Until the end of time

Why so lonely, I’ll be the one
you always can turn to –
I’m yours

For as long as you want to
Lend me your heart
I will shelter it
Until the end of time

I lied that night in the woods
Tears sliding down the bones of your face
Afraid that I’d tell you truth

From here we see the shoreline
with its bends and stale cliffs
By the shore of Harleness
I long for your embrace

Cold that night in the woods
My hands trembling inside your hands
I say the words – I tell you the truth
an island so it seems will be my hiding place

You pulled me up by my roots
You thought it was the right thing to do
I believed every word that you spoke
Inside I died, I was only five

I’ll meet you here one morning
We will fly across the sky
Right now I am leaving
I’ll be on the boat tonight
One day we’ll make it right

You gave me life
My only light
With the wave of your hand you gave it away

Sometimes when I wake up
I hear your voice soft and mellow singing our tune

I go back to the place I was born
Between love and hate I am torn
I’m not turning back, I’m not turning back now

I let go of your warm hand
Life has changed from where I stand
I’m not turning back, I’m not turning back now

I don’t think that you will agree to hear me
I don’t think that you will agree

Here’s a wintersong
Here’s for those who long
For brighter days and summer haze
I cannot lie, I can no longer wait
This time of year you will find me here
With my shattered dream
Things are not as they seem
An unbeliever’s only wintersong

There was a time when I could hear you say
Life is nothing if you don’t stay
I’m not turning back, I’m not turning back now
You’re looking good as I’m about to leave
Nothing here, nothing more to achieve

I am so glad you came around
I know I said I needed space
I take that back I am not wasting precious time
Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never let you disappear
I can’t believe I almost let you walk out of here

Let me take you to the shore
Leave the world behind
I know I’m asking much of you and patience is hard to find
You look different than before
Sorrow in your eyes
If I could I’d take back the hurting and the lies
Come night or come day, I want you to stay
Stay awake, stay afloat,
Stay right here with me

You said my heart was made of stone
You could not reach inside my head
I am so sad about those days
and for not seeing who you were

So still in the deep
Waiting for you to sleep
So small, so small – fragile
In the deep we’re all alone
Fighting without a crowd
I know I would if I could

I don’t know what the future holds for us
I don’t know if I am your gain or loss
I sometimes hear you cry for the both of us
Only you know if I am right for you

If I could I would give up my life for you
So scared, I’ll always be, to disappoint you

Why so Lonely

Rainy Days Ahead