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Sørgekåpe: Limited edition, Galaxy Purple vinyl. Cover art on Sørgekåpe originally specially designed for Record Store Day 2020, which was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Demo Recordings: Demo Recordings is only available in the Kari Rueslåtten WebStore. The album was originally recorded in 1995, and was never an official release. In 2016 the album was remastered and released on Kari Rueslåttens own label Spindelsinn Recordings. The re-release includes two bonus tracks, also recorded in 1995.


Track list Sørgekåpe:

  1. Sørgekåpe
  2. Svever
  3. Månen Lyser Ned
  4. Når Mørket Faller
  5. Blind
  6. Alt Brenner Nå
  7. Savn
  8. Øye For Øye
  9. Storefjell